Kindly is a platform for building chat bots, made by Kindly.

It's also a portal for managing your bots, enabling you to see real-time conversations, statistics, and provides tools for customizing and adding the Kindly chat bubble to your website.

What this documentation covers

This documentation is for developers who want to integrate with their Kindly bots and covers the following topics:

  • How to use webhooks to integrate your bot with your own or third party services.
  • Kindly specific concepts and message processing in kindly.
  • Sending & receiving messages using the Application API.
  • An overview of security measures in Kindly (including checking webhook signatures) , so you can implement Kindly in your business with knowledge and peace of mind.
  • Implementation of Spinnaker script and adding events for nudges in GTM.

Getting access to the platform

If you don't have a user for our platform yet you can contact us at to receive an invite.

If you have an account you can also invite more members to the platform yourself via Give them membership to your organization, and to specific bots if they need different privileges in a bot than in general. Note that these actions require you to have certain bot/organization privileges.

If you're all set you can move on to getting started with webhooks.

Updated 01 Aug 2022
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